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TV Man: We now return you to the Annual Malibu Telethon for pet illiteracy, and your host, Barbie Roberts.

Barbie: Thank you jet, and thank you viewers out there for sticking with us for the first 38 hours of the Telethon! Our totally fab operators are standing by to take your pledges!

Midge (On the phone): You're from Willows, Wisconsin? I'M from Willows, Wisconsin!

Ryan (On the phone): Hey there! Are you as cute as you sound? Cause I am.

Teresa (On the phone): Yeah, that's right, yeah! Two veggie lovers pizza with extra tofu and...

(All audience talking on the phone)

Barbie (On sofa): This is really Chelsea's pet cause. But she asked me to help out, and there's nothing I wouldn't do for my sisters!

Chelsea (On sofa): Most scientists will tell you that animals will never learn to read! That's Quitter talk! 

Barbie: I wanna get serious for a moment. (Video plays) There are so many pets who *Sniffle* can't read. (Video finishes)

Raquelle: No wonder pets can't read! Barbie is falling to sleep out there!

Barbie: So the horse says, with prices like these, I'm not surprised! (Chuckles)

Ryan: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Raquelle: Ryan! we gotta crash this telethon! (Pulls Ryan's chair away)

Stacie: Next up, we've got the rap-stylings of Midge!

(Raquelle and ryan on sofa) Raquelle: You're joking?! (Ryan nods head)

(Midge presses stereo and music plays)

Midge (rapping): Crusin' malibu with a talkdown,

Shoppin' with my dolls for an evening gown,

gotta hit the waves, do some macrame,

every day in malibu's a perfect day. (finishes song)

(Nikki sings opera.)

Barbie: For our next act! Summer is going to balance 14 basket balls...(falls over-pushed by raquelle)

Raquelle: We'll take it from here! Hit it ryan! (ryan slides in with guitar and strums)

Raquelle (singing): Everybody loves me!

Ryan (singing): Everybody loves meeee!

Summer balancing balls: Ugh! Are you kidding me?

Ryan and Raquelle singing: And just spend your whole day, looking at Meeee! (Raquelle shoves Ryan over)

(pledge money goes to -$200,000, phones hung up by people)  

Chelsea: Oh no!

Operators: Hello? hello? Hellooo?

Stacie : Umm, the next item up for auction is a date with barbie!

(Phones start ringing, pledge money goes up)

(Ryan trying to call operators for date with barbie)

Raquelle (seeing Ryan): Urgh!

Chelsea: Barbie! Ive got a pledge so big, we might never need to have this telethon again!

Stacie: Whoo-hooo!

Barbie: well, that wraps up our telethon everyone! Remember to spay and neuter your pets! (comical zip) Uh, I mean, take them to the library!

(talking into phone) Chelsea: C-A-R-S-O-N. Got it! Now I'm gonna need your credit card number! uh huh! yeah?

(talking to Chelsea through phone) Ken: 3-4-1-9. Uh huh? No thank you Chelsea! Uh! I mean ma'am! (hangs up)


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