The Pool at the Raquelle Mansion
Official Description With designer lounges, posh bungalows and a swim-up smoothie bar (all things the Dreamhouse has only on a smaller scale), this is an ideal locale for either formal affairs or fashionable swim parties.
Type Pool
Located At The Raquelle Mansion
Image Gallery

Featured once in Party Foul, The Pool at the Raquelle Mansion has a small, side gate that lets people in directly from outside, and has golden busts of Raquelle around the place. It also has "designer lounges, posh bungalows and a swim-up smoothie bar", which is "all the things the Dreamhouse has only on a smaller scale". It also has mirrors around the place so Raquelle can check her hair, a portrait of Raquelle in her fairy outfit, a gazebo, and a golden elevator that goes from the second story to the pool.


Location Guide

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