The Only Way to Fly
Season 5, Episode 3
Episode 43 Overall
Upload Date October 16, 2013
Synopsis When Barbie is banned from the Malibu Airport, she and her sisters build a jet.
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The Only Way to Fly is the third episode of the fifth season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. After Barbie gets banned from the Malibu Airport because of causing massive delays due to fan riots, she and her sisters have to build a jet to travel around the world.


Katie Higgins as Barbie Paula Rhodes as Skipper/Stacie Laura Gerow as Chelsea


Since Barbie got banned from the Malibu airport due to massive airports, the girls decide to make a jet. Barbie then does a test-run, where she loses control of the plane and has to make an emergency landing, causing the passengers to panic. Chelsea then takes the plane out and brings along the pets.

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  • This episode is a tie-in for the Glamour Jet toy product.

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