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(Opening Theme)

Stacie: Whoo-hoo! I totally shredded those waves!

Skipper: Coconut smoothies, anyone? --looses balance and accidentally drops them, but Barbie catches one just in time--

Barbie: --slurps a drink of it-- Perfect! Thanks, Skipper! Ahh, this is the life. No phones, no distractions, no one yelling--

Chelsea: Barbie, Barbie, Barbie!

Barbie: Chelsea?! What is it?

Chelsea: The kids' beach pool is having a scavenger hunt! And I wanna win it!

Chelsea (on couch at the beach): I'm a winner! I win things! Scavenger hunts, freeze tag! If there's a ribbon involved, don't get in my way!

Chelsea: Here's a list! We'll split up! Barbie and Stacie can go together! Skipper, you're with me! We'll meet back at fourteen-hundred hours! Any questions?

Barbie: Yeah, it says we'll need to take a picture of a coral reef! How do you plan on getting out there? --Stacie is smiling deviously--

Barbie: Aaah, aah, ahhh! --Barbie is up-and-down bumpy screaming on a motorboat--

Stacie: You're right, Barbie! This rocks!

Skipper: First item's a bottle cap! Shouldn't be too hard to find.

Chelsea: Jackpot!

--Chelsea starts digging and Skipper lays back on the palmtree--

Barbie: One picture of a coral reef, coming up!

--Stacie goes over by the Oyster, and the oyster sticks out its tongue and purposely swallows Stacie--

--Barbie swims over to the female Oyster--

Stacie: --muffled-- A little help?

--Barbie thinks of a plan then a 'bing' sound comes--

--Tickling the Oyster-- Barbie: Tickle, tickle, tickle! Tickle, tickle, tickle!

Oyster: *laughing* *spits out Stacie*

Oyster: She tasted too much like plastic, anyway!

Skipper: --Takes out a bottle of a drink-- Find that bottle cap yet? *whipping sweat off her forehead*

--Chelsea looks at her angrily, noticing she's gotten a bottle cap--

Skipper: Oops! --Flicks the cap over to Chelsea--

Barbie: --checking off the board-- We got our picture!

Stacie: Not to mention these, *a necklace of beads*, these, --holding a tiara-- aaand THESE! *a pearl from Oyster, puts in Barbie's hands, and Barbie's arms sink--

Barbie: That is one talented oyster!

Chelsea: The last thing is a coconut. We gotta climb one of those palm trees!

Skipper: No way! You sure that's what it says? Coconut smoothies? Sure! Deee-lish!

Chelsea: Back to the beach! We're gonna win this thing!

Chelsea: Aw, man! I thought we'd be first!

Stacie: We got everything on the list!

Skipper: Plus a minor concision! --another coconut falls on head--

Barbie: --bends down to Chelsea's face-- Disappointed?

Chelsea: Un-un. We worked together and had fun! It was summer cool!

Woman with Jamaican accent: And you must be the runners-up! Your second-place prize!

Chelsea: Oh, cool.

Barbie: Oh no.

Stacie: Best prize eeever!!

--Barbie off screaming away into the sunset--

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