Sisters' Fun Day!
Season 7, Episode (Special)
Episode Special Overall
Upload Date May 1st, 2015 (Netflix)
August 1st, 2015 (Youtube and
Synopsis It's Sister's Fun Day and it only happens once a year! This year not only do Barbie's sisters need her, but so do Fifth Harmony! Can Barbie spend time with her sisters and help Fifth Harmony?
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Sisters' Fun Day! is a Netflix original exclusive episode and the third "TV Special" of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. It was later released as the ninth episode of Season Seven.


Barbie is ready to spend Sisters' Fun Day!, the one day a year devoted to Barbie spending it with her sisters, when Barbie gets an emergency call from Fifth Harmony to be the director for their music director since their old director got plastic pox. Not only does Barbie have to be in two places at once, she also has to deal with the onset of flipquakes.

Locations Featured

  1. Dreamhouse Kitchen
  2. Dreamhouse Living Room
  3. The Mall
  4. Dreamhouse Foyer
  5. The Barbie Dreamhouse
  6. Bedroom for Chelsea
  7. Campgrounds


I'm Barbara Millicent Roberts, and I am never late.
Wow, she used her full name! Last time she did that, she climbed Mount Everest... in five-inch heels!
Hmm... Imaginary sprinkles. Fifty dollars?
They're imported. And don't bother asking because I don't take imaginary money!

Character Appearances

AvatarThumbBarbie AvatarThumbKen AvatarThumbRaquelle AvatarThumbRyan AvatarThumbNikkiGrey AvatarThumbTeresaGrey AvatarThumbMidge AvatarThumbSummerGrey AvatarThumbGraceGrey AvatarThumbSkipper AvatarThumbStacie AvatarThumbChelsea AvatarThumbTawny AvatarThumbTaffy AvatarThumbBlissa
AvatarThumbHarmony AvatarThumbBrockman AvatarThumbClone AvatarThumbBear AvatarThumbDiablo AvatarThumbWilfred AvatarThumbSchlond


  • The holiday Sister's Fun Day takes place on June 21st.
  • Ken is allergic to shellfish.
  • When Chelsea and Ken play dress up, Ken is seen wearing the same huge and round outfit that Raquelle wears in Help Wanted and Ice Ice, Barbie, Pt. 2.
  • The title is grammatically incorrect; it should be Sisters' Fun Day.
  • As Raquelle drives her bumper cart out of the arena and crashes, the famous stock sound effect known as the Wilhelm scream can be heard.
  • This is the first, only, and last TV special where the characters don't have pop-up name slides.
  • This is the first, only and last TV special and least episode where Barbie wears the outfit she wore in the beginning of the TV special: a blue letter jacket or letterman's jacket with white sleeves that are mid-length sleeves with grey, extra-attachment at the bottoms of them and the jacket has a pink "B" on the left side or right-hand side, much like Nikki's Season 2 outfit, the necklace she's worn in the outfit in "Oh How Campy" and furthermore with that outfit in "Closet Princess 2.0", and the same bracelet she's worn with that outfit, a grey shirt with white polka dots, the same pink earrings she's worn with the grey jacket outfit she's worn in "Oh How Campy", and pink pants, and the same shoes she's worn with the latter outfit.
  • On Netflix, it is called "Sister's Fun Day" but on the weblink for "videos", it is called "Sisters' Fun Day!" with an exclamation mark.
  • Only episode with special guest stars playing themselves.

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