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(Opening Theme)

Chelsea : Roughing it is really fun!

--Barbie, Skipper, and Chelsea are in the jacuzzi of their R.V--

Barbie : Well this isn't exactly "roughing it" Chelsea, I wonder how Stacie's doing out there?

--Stacie is putting up her tent and reading the instructions--

Stacie : "And finally, tighten with a schnoggin wrench..."

--Stacie looks for the schnoggin wrench in her bag--

Stacie: Where is the schnoggin wrench?! Argh! They always forget something!

Stacie (on couch): I'm earning my camping badge, there are three things I have to do: build a fire, find food and spend the night in a tent by myself.

Stacie: Maybe it'll work anyway?

--A butterfly lands on top of her tent; the tent falls down--

Skipper: Yo Stacie!

--Then the R.V.'s jacuzzi went in the R.V.--

Skipper: We're all getting manis and pedis in the camper salon, sure you don't wanna join us?

Stacie: I need to do real camping.

Skipper: Hey! We're really camping! After this, we're gonna watch a movie about the woods in the big screen.

--Stacie looks at the camera--

Skipper (on couch): My idea of "roughing it"-holds her phone up in the air looking for signal-is a hotel without High-speed wi-fi.

--Stacie struggles to make a fire with 2 sticks--

Stacie: Aah! How am I suppose to make a fire with plastic sticks?

--Stacie throws the plastic sticks to a squirrel--

Stacie: Ooh! Sorry Mr. Squirrel...

--The squirrel throws back the sticks to Stacie and landed on her head--

Stacie: Ow! -looks at camera-

Stacie: Nuts and berries for dinner, yummy...

--Stacie puts down the bucket full of nuts and berries, grabs her knife and fork, looks back at the bucket which is now empty--

Stacie: What?

Squirrel: (laughs)

--Then Stacie looks at the camera again looking sad--

--Barbie, Skipper and Chelsea are in the R.V. partying--

Stacie: (shivers) So hungry! So cold!

Barbie: Wow Stacie! You're so brave to spend the night in the wilderness all by yourself!

Stacie: Are you kidding? I love it out here! Couldn't been more comfy!

Barbie: You go Stacie! Such a trooper! I know that I...

--Then a flash of fire comes from the Camper, interrupting Barbie--

Barbie: Eeee! Cherry Jubilee for dessert!

Stacie: Yup! Nothing like sleeping under the stars...

--It starts raining--

Stacie: On a nice clear night.

--An umbrella opens up above Stacie--

Stacie: Barbie, I need to do this on my-

--Then Stacie sees that a bear is holding up the umbrella--

Stacie: Eeee! Bear!

--The bear gives her a schnoggin wrench--

Stacie: The schnoggin wrench!

Bear (on couch): I'm a Grizzly Scout. I'm trying to earn a badge for helping humans... or was it eating them?

--The bear tightens Stacie's tent with the schnoggin wrench. Then the bear presses a button on a remote to make a fire so Stacie could heat her sausage on a stick. The bear and Stacie go to urinate so Stacie grabbed a couple of leaves, but the bear has toilet paper. The bear opens a small door on a tree and inside it is a microwave. The bear opens it and Stacie puts an ear of corn and some butter into the microwave and they wait a few seconds. They take it out to start eating popcorn. The camera looks up into the sky to see a constellation of Barbie's logo. Stacie and the Bear go to sleep in the tent. In the morning, Barbie, Skipper, and Chelsea wake up and smell what Stacie made for breakfast.--

Barbie, Skipper and Chelsea: (sniffs) Bacon and Eggs!

Barbie: Stacie, you did it! You earned your camping badge!

--The bear got her helping humans badge and Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea went into the R.V.'s Jacuzzi--

Skipper: So Stacie, how'd you manage to camp out there by yourself?

Stacie: Well... I did get a little help from a friendly bear.

Chelsea: Yeah, right! A bear?

--Skipper realizes the camper is moving--

Skipper: Wait a sec, who's driving the camper?

--The bear is driving the camper--

Stacie: She says she's earning her driving badge.

All: Aaah!

Bear: Roar! (honks the horn)

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