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Maya: Hey Barbie!

Barbie: Hi Maya! What's with the fountain?

Maya: Still outta order! The usual?

Barbie: Yes please!

Maya: Of course! A chocolate raspberry parfait, four chopped walnuts, a pinch of cinnamon. and a biscotti stirstick.

Barbie: Thanks Maya!

Maya: And for you, Miss?

Grace: Can I get a chocolate raspberry parfait, four chopped walnuts, a pinch of cinnamon and a biscotti stir-stick?

Barbie: That's my dessert!

Unnamed woman: Excuse me?

Barbie: You just ordered my exact, same dessert! May I join you?

Unnamed person: Totally!

[Barbie scoots over with her chair and dessert] I'm Barbie!

Grace: I'm Grace! Nice to meet you [shaking Barbie's hand]

Barbie: I just LOOOVE parfaits!

Grace: It's all about distributing the topping to ice cream racio to create the scientifically most delicious spoonful!

Barbie: How can an ice cream sundae taste any more delicious?!

Grace: Try it!

--Barbie does the same thing Grace did, just not in the same order--

Barbie: --She crunches a bit-- What in the world?!

Barbie: You're RIGHT! This IS more delicious!

Grace: Mm-hm! Approximately eighteen percent tastier!

Barbie: --On confession couch-- She is so in style! I wonder if she already has a BFF?

Grace: --On confessional couch-- Barbie's really cool! And so is Malibu! I think I'm really going to-

Taffy: [barking]

Grace: I'm, sorry?

Taffy: [barking again]

Grace: What? That? --Starts to move toward camera--

--Grace scans Barbie's look to see which bow matches her the most to test which one goes best with her hair and herself--

--The scanner scans, Barbie smiles, Grace puts the bow on Barbie's head, she looks in the mirror, her eyes light up with a smile, and Barbie hugs Grace, but Raquelle sees this, looking shocked--

--Grace is showing Barbie how to throw a generic flying disc, to make sure the flying disc suits approximately to make the scientifically perfect throw and perfect catch--

--The generic flying disc almost hits Raquelle in the head, which she ducks just in time, but screams, and it flies back to Grace--

--Grace uses the sun to the exact, perfect way of shining a rainbow on herself and Barbie with water from a spray-bottle--

Grace: Now, double up on the butterscotch bomb - Awesome! Quick, Cashow Combo, Cashew Combo!

Grace: And that's how you beat Bonbon Blaster!

Barbie: Grace! You make everything more fun! --hugs her--

Raquelle: --takes a picture-- Ha! More competition for Malibu's Most Admired, huh?! Watch out! Barbie's got a new best friend, you've been replaced!

Nikki: --receives text-- Oh, no!

Summer: Oh no!

Midge: Ohhh no!

Teresa: All right, it's two o'clock! --receives text-- Oh no!

--Grace is putting Malibu-drinks on top of fountain with Barbie next to her--

--Barbie notices her friends' angry faces--

Barbie: Oh! Hey, guys! What's up?

Raquelle: What's up indeed, Barbie! We're all FA-URIOUS! Aren't we? Guys??

-Nikki, Summer, Midge and Teresa are all nervous now, not knowing what to say or due after confronting her-

Barbie: Guys! This is my new BFF! Grace!

Teresa, Nikki, Midge and Summer: --All saying "hi" nervously, some saying "hey" nervously--

Grace: Hello. Barbie, do you have any mints?

Barbie: Of course! --hands her a giant case of mints--

Raquelle: Uuum - what is she doing?

--Grace races up with mints, puts every mint in each cup, and is done holding the mint-case--

--The fountain explodes with the liquid drink that the cups contained--

Teresa: She fixed the fountain! Oh my god, that is awesome, you are --Other chattering going on, too--

Barbie: You can never have enough BFFs, Raquelle! It's science! --winks at the camera--

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