Barbie: Look at the moon it's so aluminium

'Ken: Yeah. It's like a big round moon thing 

Barbie: It's not bad ether

Ken: Yup it's pretty cool too

~Robot hand puts a helmets on Barbie and Ken~

Ken: All systems go for mission sparkle

Barbie: Roger ~Barbie puts her thumb up~

Ken: No it's Ken

~Barbie looks at Ken weirdly~

Ken: Got ya, a little space humor there ~Ken laughs at Barbie and barbie laughs too~

~Ken and Barbie are going out in space with the a rope together with them~

Barbie: targeting ​range. Were gonna mind some interstellar sequins

~On confessional couch~Ken: The mission is sparkle a quire the price less pay load, but who knows what's gonna out here ~Alien riding a space ship~ are there dolls from another planets and are they recommended from 3 ages and above ~Alien takes a photo of Ken~

~They land in a huge meteor ray~

'Barbie: Drill' 

Ken: Drill 

Barbie: Funnel

Ken: Funnel, ho this is hard work time for some refreshment how about a space soda Barbie? 

Barbie: Ha Ken No!!!!! 

~Ken opens the soda~

Barbie: ho

Ken: I've got some veggie chips if you wanna go healthy

~Ken opens the veggie chips and they both shouted and Barbie says NO!!!!!~

Barbie: Ken the tether

~Ken flies of to space~

Ken: i'm attched i'm attached,ahhhhh ~Ken takes a selfie~

Ken: Space Selphie,ahhhhh 

Barbie: Malibu we have a problem 

Chelsea: Go ahead specialist Barbie 

Barbie: A mission to retrieve my partner 

Chelsea: I've never lost a doll and i don't plant to lose one now do you copy 

Barbie: Copy Malibu 

Chelsea: Cause i'm already preparing for the splash down party, wait until you see the pinatas, receiver classier Barbie.

~Barbie noodes and flies to Ken~

Ken: Ahhhhh woohhh

~Barbie throws the tether lie a lasso and hit's Ken~

Ken: Oh why did i have so many snacks ~Ken is about to vomit up but barbie tried lassoing again and Ken grabbed it and put it back to where it was~

Barbie: Boyfriend back on the tether Malibu

Chelsea: Copy that Barbie return to mission sparkle

~Barbie pulls Ken hard as she can but it didn't work and grabbed a hair dryer and put it on~

Barbie: Where moving towards the target Malibu mission sparkle is back on track

~Barbie digs a hole and sparkle things come and can put it on a vacuum thing~

Barbie: Yah Space Sequins

Ken: In space no one can hear you scream with joy, let's celebrate with some sherbet

Barbie: Ha Ken

~Ken screams again and flies off

Ken: why won't i learn

Barbie: Malibu we have-another problem

Chelsea: We've got a rescue mission staled up and ready to go

~A space ship fly to up to Ken and the Alien space is shown again.

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