Mall Mayhem
Season 4, Episode 8
Episode 39 Overall
Upload Date August 14, 2013
Synopsis Barbie and her friends attempt to navigate the danger and perils of the Malibu Mall.
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Mall Mayhem is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Summer and Raquelle try to evade a persistent Mall Cop, while Barbie struggles with the easily distracted Midge to arrive for a shopping date on time.


Locations featured


Character Appearances

AvatarThumbBarbie AvatarThumbKenGrey AvatarThumbRaquelle AvatarThumbRyanGrey AvatarThumbTeresaGrey AvatarThumbNikkiGrey AvatarThumbMidge AvatarThumbSummer AvatarThumbSkipper AvatarThumbStacie AvatarThumbChelsea AvatarThumbTawnyGrey AvatarThumbTaffyGrey AvatarThumbBlissaGrey [[File:AvatarThumbBackground Clones.png|42px|link=Grace [[File:AvatarThumbMall Cop.png|42px|link=BackgroundClones
AvatarThumbClone AvatarThumbCop


  • This is the fourth episode in which Barbie wears her hair in a ponytail with bangs.
  • The hot dog hat that Midge wears is the same hat Skipper wore when she worked at Hot Diggity Dogs, as seen in Help Wanted.
  • In most episodes, Raquelle says that she and Barbie aren't friends, but in this episode, Raquelle implies that she does consider Barbie as her friend.

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