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(Opening Sequence)

Barbie: You're gonna love living in Malibu, Grace!

Grace: I'm sure! So, tell me about the dolls here. Are they into science? Higher learning? The arts?!

Barbie: Oh, totally!

Nikki: Check it out!

---The screen cuts to Nikki and Teresa, who are both watching cat videos on Nikki's phone---

Nikki: A break-dancing cat!

Teresa: Hi-larious!

---Nikki and Teresa roar in laughter, and the screen cuts back to Barbie and Grace---

Barbie: I know what it looks like. But we do have some deep thinkers here in Malibu.

---The screen cuts to Ken and Ryan, hands on the glass while watching sports---

Ken: Sports on TV. Me like-ey.

Ryan: I can't feel my legs.

---Ryan's hands drag down the glass, falling down and the screen cuts back to both Barbie and Grace---

Grace: People need to put down their screens, and stimulate their minds!

Barbie: Or at least, stop watching so many cat videos.

---The screen cuts to Teresa and Nikki, whom are both roaring in laughter as Teresa falls into a garbage can. Then the screen cuts back to Barbie and Grace---

Grace: If only there was a short that catered to your brain. A place with toys and games that actually teach you about science!

Raquelle: Pffft! If you wanna make a difference in Malibu, open a day-spa for purse dogs. Right, Brunhilde?

---Brunhilde comes out of Raquelle's purse and starts barking loudly, as Raquelle stuffs Brunhilde back in her purse and zips off---

Grace: Barbie, look! What a coincidence!

---The screen cuts to Barbie on her confession couch---

Barbie: You'd be surprised how often that happens around here.

---The screen then cuts to the newly opened Empirical Emporium, as Grace modifies some of the products in her shop, then cuts to the exterior of the Emperical Emporium---

Grace: Welcome, everyone! Grace's Empirical Emporium is open for business!

---Grace snips the velvet rope with scissors, only for a tumbleweed to roll by her Empirical Emporium---

Grace: Oh, well, it's early. I'm sure the place will be packed in no time!

---The screen then cuts to the interior of Grace's Empirical Emporium, with Grace walking around---

Grace: I don't understand. Not a costumer in sight.

---Grace looks through the microscope, only for Teresa to peep her eye through the microscope, scaring Grace---

Teresa: Hi, Grace!

Grace: Aaaaargh!

Teresa: Love the new store!

Grace: Thanks! Let me show you some of these super fun science-toys. Like this glitter-particle exselulator.

Teresa: Whoa!

---Teresa ducks the ray, as it shoots Rexy, causing it to become alive, Rexy roaring---

Grace: It's sooo educational!

Teresa: Oooh! Look at that cat's itty-bitty tap-shoes! Adorbs!

---Teresa walks out of the store as Grace sighs in unhappiness---

Grace: Is anybody around here into science?

---Teresa attempts to walk out the door, only for her to fall down as Barbie walks in---

Barbie: Sorry I missed your grand opening, Grace. But Tawny really wanted to win the triple-tiara!

---Tawny whinnies---

Barbie: You're right. I did, too.

Grace: Barbie, I'm beginning to think that Malibu-ites just don't care about science.

Barbie: Hmmm, we just need to get the word out!

--A ring rings why Backgrounder Clones and other people are on their tablets and iPads, and other things--

Barbie: Welcome! To Grace's Empirical Emporium! Malibu's one-stop shop for all things science!

Grace: I'm Grace! And if you love to learn, hover on down! --flying on a hover board--

Barbie: You can make your own T-Rex with this dinosaur DNA-kit!

Rexy the T-Rex: -whimpers-

Barbie: Don't worry, Rexy. We'll make a BFF just for you!

Rexy: --paints and wags tail--

Grace: And you'll have hours of fun with this mini cold-fusion reactor. That a smoothie-maker!

Barbie: And don't forget about our free delivery!

Grace: Thanks, Drone-y! Mmm...

Grace: Grace's Empirical Emporium! We take cash, checks, and of course plastic.

--Ken and Ryan are blasting each other on hover-boards, but Ryan slips on a humble weed and falls down--

Ken: *laughs*

Grace: Barbie! The commercial led to a 125% increase in sales!

Barbie: And it turned Malibu into a hot bed of science fanatics!

Grace: Totally! Even Raquelle bought a build-your-own-robot kit.

Robot: Raquelle, you look fabulous.

Raquelle: Tell me something I don't know.

Robot: Sports on TV! Me like-ey! --robot shorts out--

Raquelle: Ugh! --makes an angry face--

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