Main Title Theme (Teaser Version)


Teaser Video

Teaser Video

Episodes Teaser
Singers Allie Feder
Length 0:48

The Main Title Theme (Teaser Version) is a slightly extended version of the Main Title Theme of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. It was uploaded to the Barbie YouTube channel prior to the first season's commencement as a teaser trailer for the show.


Summer days are breezy,
We can take it easy
At the Dreamhouse,
At the Dreamhouse

Everything's fantastic,
When you're made of plastic
At the Dreamhouse,
At the Dreamhouse

Forever friends
Forever sun
Forever Ken
Forever young

Hey hey!
Life in the Dreamhouse
Oh yeah!
Life in the Dreamhouse
Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse


  • There are several clips featured in the teaser that are either exclusive to the video or have yet to air in future episodes. They include a shot of a Hollywood style Barbie sign, Barbie driving down a street, a scene featuring Ken and Ryan at the beach and Raquelle walking into a palm tree as Barbie waves from her car.