Main Title Theme


Theme Song00:15

Theme Song

Episodes All
Singers Allie Feder
Length 0:12

The Main Title Theme is the song that serves as the main title sequence for episodes. It has appeared in every episode to date, with the exception of the bonus episodes uploaded during the breaks between seasons and the Nick Specials.


Hey hey!
Life in the Dreamhouse.
Oh yeah!
Life in the Dreamhouse.
Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse.


  • Skipper, Tawny, Taffy, Blissa, Summer, and Midge do not appear during the cut-away sequences to the other characters on their confessional couches.
  • A full-length, 2 minute extended version of the main title theme was uploaded prior to the commencement of Season 2. This version includes several verses as well as bridge accompanying the chorus above.
  • A 50 second version of the main title theme was uploaded as a teaser video before the first season premiered. This version includes one verse as well as the chorus.
  • The song was produced by Gabriel Mann, which he co-wrote with Rob Hudnut.

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