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(Opening Theme)

--doorbell rings--

Teresa: Hey! -confused- Which sister is this?

Midge: --snort laughs-- Ha! Barbie's sister, I wish! I'm Midge!

Nikki: I'm Nikki! This is Teresa.

Midge: So you're the Malibu me?

Nikki: And you're the Willows me?

Teresa: Okay, w-w-wait. What does that make me? --stares at camera-- Seriously, who am I?

Nikki: Is Barbie ready? We're taking her to the beach.

Midge: Oh, that's peculiar. I'm taking her to the Malibu Macrame Museum!

--dramatic music plays-

Nikki: --stares at Midge angrily--

Midge: --stares at Nikki angrily--

--car pulls up--

Raquelle: --runs in-- I sensed tension and came as fast as I could!

Nikki: Hmmph!

Teresa: Maybe you and Barbie could go to the mac-and-cheese museum tomorrow!

Midge: It's 'macrame'!

Raquelle: --pulls out cell phone-- FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Skipper: --off-screen-- Having trouble figuring out who's Barbie's BFF, huh? --appears on chair--

Nikki: It's me!

Teresa: It's me!

Midge: It's me!

Raquelle: --fans herself-- --looks to camera-- It's probably not me.

Skipper: I can help. --presses button--

--a full set comes down around Skipper--

Skipper: Whoooooo's ready to play 'I'm Barbie's BFF'!

Skipper: I'll ask a series of questions and whoever has the most correct answers will be crowned Barbie's best friend forever.

Midge: --in confessional on couch-- I've got this in the proverbial bag. I've known Barbie since we were in matching cribs.

Nikki: I hang out at her crib every day!

Teresa: I text Barbie so much, she's got a separate phone just for me!

Raquelle: Here's the thing. --is about to sit on couch--

--couch falls down due to weight of too many dolls--

Skipper: Alright, next question. What was Barbie's 37th career?

Midge: --ping-- Stewardess. Well, I guess the modern term is flight attendant. Golly! --snorts-- We served I don't know how many types of sandwiches!

Raquelle: Aren't these supposed to be one word answers?

Skipper: --ping-- Point for Midge.

Skipper: If Barbie was an ice cream flavor, what flavor would she be?

--Nikki, Teresa and Midge all press buttons--

Teresa: Ooh, pink! -pings-

Raquelle: Uh, pink is not a flavor. --set buzzes for incorrect then she falls over--

Nikki: 1959! --pings--

Teresa: Barbie's middle name is Millicent! --pings--

--Nikki and Teresa press buttons--

Midge: Sugar, spice and, oh, polyvinyl chloride! --pings--

Nikki: Barbie and the Rockers. --ping--

Teresa: Mermaid fairy princess! --ping--

Raquelle: Oh, oh, ME! --buzzes-- Raquelle? --buzzes-- Schlond Poofa? --buzzes-- --She falls down--

Nikki: George and Martha Roberts.

Teresa: The moon!

--Nikki, Teresa and Midge all press buttons--

--multiple pings--

Skipper: Okay, you're all tied up. More or less. So, there's one, final question which will determine who is Barbie's best friend.

--Nikki, Teresa and Midge all huddle in--

Skipper: You could win or lose it all! Or see what's behind Door Number Three.

Teresa: Door number three, door number THREE!

Raquelle: Please, it's always some kind of reject prize.

Nikki: We're in it, to win it!

Skipper: Okay, final question.

Barbie: --off screen-- What in the world?

--Barbie comes down the stairs--

Raquelle: Barbie, they were fighting over who was a better friend, and I was all, 'Eww! So shallow!' But they were like 'We need to pick a winner' so whateves.

Nikki, Teresa and Midge: What?!

Skipper: They each think they're your BFF, Barbie.

Barbie: But you're all my best friends!

Raquelle: I knew there wasn't a prize.

Skipper: Doesn't anyone wanna hear the last question?

Barbie: Fire away!

Skipper: --clears throat-- When did Barbie first get a belly button?

Teresa: What's a belly button?

Nikki: --shrugs--

Barbie: Hmm, even I don't remember.

Ken: --bursts through door #3-- I know!

Raquelle: WHAT! I could have won KEN!? --faints--

Ken: Thirteen years ago! Which you'd all know if you'd read Barbiepedia.

--Barbiepedia is shown--

Ken: Twelve volumes, extensive index, tons of…

Raquelle: Can I just, uh…

--opens Barbiepedia to reveal picture of a Schlond Poofa--

Raquelle: I've gotta be mentioned in here somewhere!

Others: --mumbling--

-Barbie and her friends leave, leaving Raquelle-

Raquelle: Seriously, not even a footnote! --clicks pen to start rewriting--

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