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(Opening Theme)
In The Barbie Bathroom

Barbie (singing): Get your sparkle on, show this world where you belong...
Barbie: Oh! A little more hot water please!

Chelsea pumps the water by jumping

Barbie: Thanks Chelsea!

On the confessional couch

Chelsea: Barbie's got a big day with Ken, and that means ice cream for dinner!

In Ken's bathroom
Ken is shaving

Ken: Mmm, Ow! Ow!

In The Barbie Bathroom
Barbie is brushing her hair

Barbie: Nine hundred and ninety-six, nine hundred and ninety-seven...

In Ken's bathroom
Ken is brushing his hair

Ken: Nine hundred and ninety-eight, nine hundred and ninety-nine, one thousand!

Ken picks up a bottle

Ken: Hmm, maximum volume.

Ken pushes on the sprayer and then screams

Outside the Dreamhouse
Ken presses the doorbell. Chelsea open the door and starts laughing

Barbie: Is that you, Ken?

Barbie starts walking down the staircase, but becomes shocked at the sight of Ken's hair

Barbie: (coughs) Ken, wow. (laughs nervously) Your hair it looks, great!
Raquelle: Ken! Are you lost? You know my house is right over there...

Ken looks at Raquelle and she notices his hair

Raquelle: Oh! Your hair. It's gorgeous. I wish I had hair that... awesome?
Ken: But you haven't seen the best part! Watch this.

Ken tries to flip his hair, but it stays in one place. Chelsea takes a picture and starts laughing again.

On the confessional couch

Barbie (on confessional couch): It's always brave when a friend tries out a new look, and in this case, Ken was being really, really brave. Like plaid with stripes brave!

The camera pans out to show Chelsea laughing at the picture she took

In the Dreamhouse Foyer

Barbie: It's really not that bad, it just needs a little... shaping. To the salon!

Barbie, Chelsea, and Raquelle try out numerous looks for Ken's hair before settling on one that looks just like his old one. They then show it to Ken through a mirror.

Raquelle and Barbie: I sure am!
Raquelle: Oh, her. You meant her.

In the Dreamhouse Foyer
Barbie and Ken go to leave on their date

Raquelle: Mmm, maybe I could use a new do myself.
Chelsea: To the salon!

Chelsea drags Raquelle off to the bathroom

In The Barbie Bathroom
Chelsea begins brushing Raquelle's hair

Chelsea: One...
Raquelle: Ow!
Chelsea: Two...
Raquelle: Ow! How many of these do we have to do?
Chelsea: Like a thousand or something. Three...
Raquelle: Ow!

(Closing Theme)

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