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--Shows previously from Ice Ice, Barbie, Pt. 1--

--Barbie is seen dragging Ken out from the snow--

--She pushes the log-fireplace technology-thing, and warms herself and Ken up--

Barbie: Ahh, my plastic's warming up!

Ken: Mine, too!

Barbie: --gasp--, the gang is still outside! --She rushes out with Ken--

--Later, Ken is seen bringing in the twins, Raquelle and Ryan--

Ken: --panting voice-- Here's the last o' 'em!

Teresa: --clears throat--. I think it I could get used to the cold - if it was just warmer.

Barbie: I made hot chocolaaaaate!

Raquelle: Gimme, gimme, gimme! --Raquelle is grabbing the chocolate from Barbie's hands-- I'm so cold!

Raquelle: Wait! This isn't ported, isn't it?

Skipper: The temperature is still dropping outside.

Nikki: Ken, the Snowarator just keeps making it colder!

Ken: --taps the machine-- The buttons are frozen!

Skipper: We're gonna freeze in here! --Gasp-- my tablet's frozen, too! --screams, throwing a fit-- I can't live like this!

Chelsea: Has anyone seen our pets?

--Blissa, Tawny and Taffy are all frozen in ice burgs outside--

Summer: Hey, there are tons of winter sports we haven't tried yet!

Teresa: Yeah, like penguin racing, mitten ball, secratnized snow-clogging!

Raquelle: Ugh! I'm freezing! --Throws away cup-- I need more layers! --races to the stairs-- Barbie, you wouldn't mind if I borrow a little something-something? Thanks! --She said thanks without even waiting for Barbie to answer first and rushes up the stairs--

Barbie: Who needs a refill? Any setback with the Snow-arator, Ken?

Ken: Tiny setback - my tools froze --Clings against frozen machine, and the rench breaks--

Teresa: --rushes in-- Guys! The Malibu Mall is totally deserted! You can get great deals at the food court. --Holds up frozen hamburgers-- Hmm, burger'cical.

Summer: Wow! The waves are a bit -- lothal.

Raquelle: Aww, this is much better. --Rolls down in heavy setting of Barbie's clothing--

Raquelle: Whoa, whoa! --screaming--

Reporter: --brushing his frozen mustache-- Malibu in the grip of a deep, deep freeze. Bikini sales plummeting, Hollywood making nothing but avalanche movies.

Raquelle: Ooh, I should star in one! I would look amaze buried in snow!

Reporter: And many are staying away from Malibu in droves. Some are saying they'd rather spend their summer vacation in Siberia instead! Siberia!

Teresa: --She and Barbie gasp-- I can't believe it's come to this! What's a Siberia?

Barbie: We've gotta warm up Malibu! But how?

Midge: Hey! Why don't we make a giant cup of hot-chocolate? Maybe we could use it to thaw the snowarator?!

Raquelle: Okaaay, ignoring that that's the lamest idea ever, where would we find a mug big enough?

Barbie: --gasp-- When it comes to drinks, there's extra large, there's mega, I give you -- hot-tub huge!

Raquelle: We get it, you like alliteration!

Ken: All ya need now is a humongous marshmallow..

Barbie: Exactly!

Ken: --Gasp-- Do ya have to?

Barbie: Sorry, Ken, it's the only way. --Pushes the machine into the tub of hot chocolate--

--The machine shrinks down--

Nikki: What was that? --there was a noise--

Ken: I'll go check! --snow falls on him-- Knew I shoulda shoveled the roof!

Barbie: --gasp-- But look!

--Everyone cheers now--

--All the pets go perfectly back to normal--

Barbie: --sigh-- Lageritating with your dolls in a hot, nice soak. It doesn't get any better than this!

Teresa: Yeah, and you don't even have to get up to get a drink! Actually, this is not good at all! I dunno what I was thinking before!

--All the friends start laughing and Raquelle rolls away as a ball--

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