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(Opening Theme)

--Ryan is shooting a music video----

Ryan: (sings) Girl, without you I'm nothing,

--Barbie swings her head while she is riding Tawny and she gets off Tawny and goes close to Ryan slowly--

Ryan: You're my touch of class! Yeah! 

Ryan: I'm your sports car, baby! And you give me...gas!

--After Ryan said "gas" Tawny tooted and Teresa was holding the camera and she let go of it and the camera went down and she giggled a little and Ryan went to Teresa and he was holding the camera--

Ryan: Cut! Teresa!

Teresa: Sorry! But that's like really funny! You're a genius with lyrics, Ryan!

--Ken was standing near to a chair for a director and a blowhorn--

Ken: Hey! I'm suppose to have a part in this! I didn't come here to just stand around doing nothing!

Ryan: Fine! While I'm sweeping Barbie off her feet you can be well, sweeping.

--Ryan gave Ken a broom and Ken looked at the camera angrily--

Barbie (on couch): Shooting music videos, is usually a blast! But we don't have and A-less director this time (reffering to Ryan).

--Ken appeared in the camera sweeping and passing Barbie--

Ken: Unless A stands for annoying!

--Then Barbie smilles at the camera with her eyebrows down--

--Ryan was wearing a French burrette and was holding a blowhorn--

Ryan: Action!

Barbie, Nikki and Raquelle: (sings) Oooh! Plastic on plastic!

Raquelle: (sings and slowly getting closer to the camera) Ooooh! It sure feels fiiiiine!

Ryan: Cut!

Raquelle: What?

Ryan: And baby! You won my heart! And that means all of me, cuz baby, this doll...ain't sold seperately!

--Ryan was about to kiss Barbie then Ken pushed Ryan over while sweeping--

Ryan: Cuuut!!! What do you think you're doing?

Ken: I saw some dirt on the floor (clearly referring to Ryan).

Raquelle: So as for my dressing room, I have few teensy requests, I'm not picky. The ice sculpture of me doesn't have to be lifesized, but I should be on a horse.

Nikki: She gets a dressing room? I had to change in my car!

Ken: I never would've shown up if I didn't known it was just an excuse for pretty-boy here to flirt with my girl!

Raquelle: No ice sculpture, no Rrraaquelle!

--Then everyone started to shout against each other--

Barbie: Quiet on the set! We're going to do this video, and we're going to do it right!

Raquelle: How does she do that thing with the spotlight?

Teresa: Uh, she's Barbie.

Barbie: Okay! Here's how it's going down! Raquelle and Nikki....

--Then the music video is made--

Ryan: (sings) No! I ain't sold seperately.

Everyone: Wow! Awesome!

Barbie: Now that's how you shoot a video!

Nikki: Girl, it was tight!

Ken: Nice job Barbie! I'm so proud of you!

Barbie: Hey! Where's Raquelle?

Nikki: Oh, she's just being a diva, says she won't come down from the chandelier unless she gets more screen time.

Raquelle: Barbie!

Raquelle: I'm ready for my-Aaaah!!

--The chandelier breaks from the ceiling--

Raquelle: Ugh! My close up.

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