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Going Viral
Season 6, Episode 9
Episode 54 Overall
Upload Date July 9, 2014
Synopsis Raquelle attempts to out-perform the hottest thing on the internet -- cat videos. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.
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Previous Doll Vs. Dessert
Next Girls Day Out
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Going Viral is the ninth episode of season six.


Locations Featured


Character Appearances

AvatarThumbBarbie AvatarThumbKenGrey AvatarThumbRaquelle AvatarThumbRyanGrey AvatarThumbTeresaGrey AvatarThumbNikkiGrey AvatarThumbMidgeGrey AvatarThumbSummerGrey AvatarThumbSkipper AvatarThumbStacieGrey AvatarThumbChelseaGrey AvatarThumbTawny AvatarThumbTaffy AvatarThumbBlissa


  • Raquelle's first video is a clip from Party Foul.
  • The parody video of Raquelle's video is based off of the viral YouTube video Nyan Cat.

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