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Girls Day Out
Season 6, Episode 10
Episode 55 Overall
Upload Date July 23, 2014
Synopsis Barbie takes some time off from her busy schedule to enjoy a girl's day out with her favorite horse, Tawny!
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Girls Day Out is the tenth episode of season six.


Barbie realizes that Tawny misses her and she should spend some time with her. So, she decided to made day special for Tawny. She takes her to the outing and jealous Blissa make some plans to spoil their day with each other with the help of Taffy. They both tries to spoil their day but fails several times. They realizes their mistake when Barbie mention the three are all important to her and goes home while Barbie brings some gifts for Blissa, Taffy and Ken. Tawny is shown training the dolphins.

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AvatarThumbBarbie AvatarThumbKen AvatarThumbRaquelleGrey AvatarThumbRyanGrey AvatarThumbTeresaGrey AvatarThumbNikkiGrey AvatarThumbMidgeGrey AvatarThumbSummerGrey AvatarThumbSkipperGrey AvatarThumbStacieGrey AvatarThumbChelseaGrey AvatarThumbTawny AvatarThumbTaffy AvatarThumbBlissa [[File:AvatarThumbBackground Clones.png|42px|link=Grace [[File:AvatarThumbShoe-Vacuuming Robot.png|42px|link=BackgroundClones
AvatarThumbClone AvatarThumbShoe AvatarThumbDiablo

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