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Barbie: EEEEEEE!

Skipper: What's up?

Barbie: My BFF is coming to stay with us for a couple of days!

Skipper: How many BFFs do you have?

Barbie: You guys are gonna love her! Oh...and there she is!

--Summer crashes through the Dreamhouse ceiling on a hang glider--

Barbie: Summer!

Summer: Barbie! It's been forever! You look gorge! Your place is amaze! (gasp) No way! Are these your sisters? They're adorbs!

Stacie: Hi. I'm Stacie. Barbie says you're pretty good at tennis.

Summer: Me? I'm okay! Do you play? Wanna play? LET'S PLAY! You must be Chelsea. You wanna skip some rope later on?

Chelsea: That would be awesome!

Summer: Skipper, right? How about a marathon session of Call of Fashion 3 after dinner?

Skipper: Cool!

Barbie: I knew it. They love her.

--Chelsea's flipping through the Dreamhouse kitchen, everything empty--

Chelsea: I thought these things never ran out!

Summer: Morning, Chelsea! You gotta grab a balanced breakfast. You gotta! Most important meal of the day!

--Stacie stumbles into room, collapses--

Chelsea: What happened to you?

Stacie: SUMMER happened to me. I've got tennis elbow, soccer ankle, climber's knee, and football butt.

--Chelsea looks confused--

Stacie: Don't ask.

--Skipper waiting outside bathroom, Summer rushing in and out to change for all her sports--

Skipper: UGH! Come on! Who builds a Dreamhouse with 36 hot tubs but only one bathroom?

--Barbie looks up from her magazine, startled by her sisters--

Barbie: Aah!

Chelsea: Summer ate all our food.

Stacie: I can't survive another game of surprise dodgeball!

Skipper: And I'd like to take a shower before I graduate high school.

Barbie: Come on, guys. It's just for another day.

Summer: Hey, guys!

--Summer is hanging upside down on a rope--

Barbie: AAH! Uh, hey Summer. Everyone here feels that perhaps you've been a little...competitive.

Summer: Competitive? Me? That's crazy! I challenge you to a pose-off!

Barbie: What? No, we were just...

Summer: Scared? Worried I'll win? Lost your edge?

Barbie: You're on!

Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea: CAGE MATCH! CAGE MATCH! CAGE MATCH!

--cage being lowered over Summer and Barbie--

Summer: Ready for an old-school pose-down?

Barbie: Oh, you think you can handle this?

--Barbie and Summer strike many poses, Summer wiping her forehead--

Summer: (gasping) I give! You win!

--Skipper Stacie, and Chelsea cheering--

Barbie: Summer, what's up?

Summer: I'm outie!

Barbie: Why? I know you don't like to lose, but come on-

Summer: What? No! I just bought a house across the street! Now we can have pose-offs EVERY DAY! Later skater!

--hops on a hovercraft, zooms away--

--Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea faint--

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