The term Dreamhouser is the most common word used to describe fans of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. It initially referred to fans of the show outside the target demographic, however it has come to be considered an umbrella term for all fans.



The original tumblr post from TheKyan, suggesting the term "Dreamhouser".

The word was first suggested by tumblr user TheKyan on July 10th 2012 as a possible term for fans of the show. Following this, Barbie-LifeInTheDreamhouse made it "official".

Suggested alteration

On July 12 2012, a discussion broke out throughout the Life in the Dreamhouse tag on tumblr as to whether the term would be accepted or if a new title were possible.

New suggestions included "roomies", "plastics" and "Barbies", however ultimately the term Dreamhouser stayed.

In early 2013 the term "Broby" began to gain popularity primarily through the comments section of the episodes uploaded onto YouTube. The majority of these commenters had been directed to the web series via a popular Brony YouTube channel. The term quickly died out a few days later.



Haviland Stillwell's tweet, using the term "Dreamhouser".

On September 27 2012, Haviland Stillwell, the voice of Raquelle, tweeted a shout-out to fans of the show, using the term "Dreamhouser".

The term would later be used in the official description for the season 2 extra Everybody Needs A Ken ("The music video all Dreamhousers need to watch!") and since then has been used numerous times by the official Barbie tumblr account.