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--Opening Title--

--The toaster pops up, giving Barbie toast. While she is drinking orange juice, she tries to place the kitchen island, but it falls on the floor instead--

Barbie: What in the world?! Where's the Kitchen Island?!

--Stacie is clicking the remote but can't because the TV is gone--

Stacie: Huh? How am I supposed to watch cartoons? -She tries to sit on the couch, but it's gone so she sits on the floor-

Skipper: Barbie, I need to take a shower!

Barbie: Don't tell me we're out of shampoo! I just bought a fifty-gallon drum yesterday!

Skipper: No! We're out of shower! It's gone!

Barbie: But we still have the shampoo, right?

Stacie: The T.V.'s missing! And so is the couch.

--Stacie tries to place her cereal on the island, but it falls to the floor instead--

Stacie: We've been robbed!

Ken: My Barbie Sense is tingling. And judging by the type of the intensity of the tingle, either you need a coaster for your beverage, oor...

--Ken falls on the floor, due to the lack of the Kitchen Island--

Ken: The Dreamhouse has been robbed!

--Chelsea is walking away with all the Dreamhouse furniture in her wagon--

Barbie: Um, Chels? What are you doing with my bedroom suite?

Chelsea: This? I'm just borrowing this stuff. My friends and I are making a playhouse.

Barbie: How adorable! What if we helped you build it? Wouldn't that be fun, guys?

Chelsea: But I've already --

Ken: Are you kidding?!

--Barbie, Ken, Stacie, and Skipper build the playhouse--

Ken: So, do we know how to build a playhouse, or what?

Skipper: Yeah. We totally crushed it!

Barbie: Great job, guys! Sherbet for everyone!

Chelsea's friend: That's their idea of a playhouse?

Chelsea's friend: Looks more like a doghouse!

Taffy (on couch): I wouldn't sleep in THAT! I have standards.

--Chelsea opens the door and the house falls apart--

Chelsea: Are you kidding me? Come on, guys!

--Chelsea leads the friends to the woods, and they find a dollhouse built by Chelsea--

Chelsea: Now that's what I'm talking about!

Chelsea: Come in, come in, come in!

Chelsea *singing*: Life in my dream-house!

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