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At the Beach

Barbie: Okay, Taffy! Show' em what you got!

Barbie throws 3 flying discs to Taffy, and Taffy catches them with her snout, her tail and one of her feet

Ken: Wow! Now that's really impressive.
Raquelle: Meh! I've seen better.

On confessional couch

Raquelle: Today's the day I prove to Ken that I'm better than Barbie with something he can't ignore, a scorecard! I devised a cleverly weighted—

A flying disc hits Raquelle

Raquelle: Ow!
Barbie (off-screen): Sorry, Raquelle! Taffy still has a little to much zip on her throws!

At the Beach
Skipper is texting on her phone

Barbie: Skipper, wanna ditch those gadgets and get in the game?
Skipper: In a minute! I'm texting Tracy. Macy just saw Casey at the mall with Lacy! Tracy is gonna freeak!
Raquelle: I've got a great idea! How about a sand castle building contest?
Ken: Awesome!
Chelsea: Great idea!

On confessional couch

Raquelle: I just finished an internet course in sand construction. Score one for Rrrrraquelle!

At the Beach
A dump truck driven by Chelsea comes in front of Ken

Ken: Alright, Chelsea, back it up. Stop!

Chelsea dumps the sand onto Ken

Ken: That's good!

Raquelle finishes her sand castle

Raquelle: Sorry, Barbie, this gonna be a slam-dunk-sand-in-your-face winner!
Ken: Nice job, Raquelle! You really-wow!

Barbie finishes her very large and immaculate sand castle

Ken: Barbie! Yours is an architectural masterpiece! You win!

Barbie giggles and hugs Ken
Ken applies sunscreen in Barbie's back

Ken: Oh, Barbie! You missed a spot. Wouldn't want you to melt.
Raquelle: How about a surf-off, Barbie. Just you and me!
Barbie: You're on!

Barbie and Raquelle are shown surfing

Chelsea: Cool handstand, Raquelle! Yeah!
Ken: Rad!
Chelsea: Awesome!
Ken: Hey, Skipper! You're missing some great surfing!
Skipper: You surf the way you wanna surf, I'll surf the way I wanna surf.

Barbie comes out from the water with wet hair, shakes it, and her hair is suddenly dry and perfectly in place

Barbie: Ha! Don't you love a do that always bounces back?


Ken: Surfing's a tie, but Raquelle, you get the prize for wackiest hair!

Barbie is setting up a picnic

Barbie: Come and get it guys! Let's see, I've got crab cakes, hot cakes, cupcakes and cake-cakes!

Raquelle is carrying a very big picnic basket

Raquelle: Ha! That's nothing. Ken, I've got a whole ton of beef in here! Ken?
Barbie: Huh, he was here a minute ago.

Taffy barks at an overturned bucket in the sand

Barbie: What in the world?

Raquelle falls into the sand as the picnic basket crushes her
Barbie picks up the bucket and finds that Ken's whole body, except for his head, was buried in sand

Ken: Chelsea kinda got carried away.

On confessional couch

Chelsea: I rented that dump truck for the whole day, and I intend to use it!

At the Beach

Ken: Hurry guys! I shouldn't have had that fifth lemonade!

Ken gets unburied from the sand

Ken: Gotta go!

Ken runs off

Barbie: Well I'm thinking we're all beached out for one day.

It's revealed that Chelsea also buried the car in sand

Barbie: Oh, Chelsea!
Chelsea: Thanks, Jimmy! I'll see you next week for the school picnic!

Barbie looks at Chelsea

Chelsea: What?
Skipper: My new HD3D4G mini Cam, it's in the back seat!

Skipper digs through the back seat

Ken: Skipper, leave it be.
Skipper: Got it! Let's go.

Raquelle gets herself out from underneath the large picnic basket

Raquelle: Let's see, she won the sand castle building contest, we tied at surfing, I got a bonus point for the wacky hair, and I won the picnic! I win!

Raquelle begins running in slow motion

Raquelle: I win! I wi—

Raquelle gets hit by a generic flying disc and falls into a hole

Raquelle: Hello? Ken? Anybody?

(Closing Theme)

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