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Summer: Another perfect day for the beach!

Raquelle: Let's get going. I'm not waiting all day for Bar...

Barbie: Hey, guys! Can't wait to catch a wave!

Raquelle: Less talking, more tanning.

Teresa: To the beach!

--It starts raining--

Nikki: Ugh! What is this wet stuff?

Raquelle: Gross! Get it off me!

Barbie: Calm down, everyone! It's just rain!

Nikki, Teresa, Raquelle, and Summer: (gasp) Rain?!

--Nikki, Teresa, Raquelle, and Summer run into the Barbie Dreamhouse screaming--

Barbie: Guess they've never seen rain before.

Midge: What a bunch of creampuffs! Back in Wisconsin, we had rain, hail, tornadoes, and snowstorms. And we never let it ruin our Fourth of July.

Nikki: The day…is…RUINED!

Summer: You can't even play catch with this generic flying disc. Or surf, or tag football, or beach darts, or hacky sacks, or sub-boarding, or volleyball...

Teresa: Or spelunking! Or clog-dancing! Or patty cake!

Raquelle: This is torture!

Midge: Good thing I always bring a supply of rainy day activities. Knitting, jigsaw puzzles, and everybody's fave, macrame!

Barbie: Or, we could do the most fun thing ever! Go play in the rain! Come on!

Raquelle: Go out in THAT? Have you lost your mind?

Barbie: You'll love it! We can splash in the puddles and catch raindrops on our tongues! It'll be a blast! These guys need to learn that a rainy day can be amaze!

Barbie (on confessional couch): When I'm in London, I go walking in the rain with my besties all the time! Although, the prince is a bit of an umbrella hog.

Midge: Yup. It's raining cats and dogs.

Teresa: Oooh, is there a labradoodle? They're adorbs.

Barbie: Summer, did you put the roof up on your car?

Summer: Cars have rooves?

--Everyone sees that Summer's car is now filled with water and fish--

Barbie: Come on, guys. The rain won't last much longer. Trust me, it's so much fun!

--Everyone agrees to go out--

Raquelle: Hang on! There's no way I'm going out in that disgusting…uh…sky drool, without proper protection!

--The girls are wearing pretty raincoats--

Nikki: We look fierce! Foul with a fashion. Who knew?

Raquelle: I'm not taking any chances!

--Raquelle is wearing a raincoat, rainhat, galoshes, floatie, flippers, and two umbrellas and everyone rushes out cheering,but soon after the rain stops--

Barbie: Oh, no!

Teresa: What happened to sky drool?

Summer: I was ready to do some serious puddle stomping!

Midge: And I was gonna look for night crawlers.

Raquelle: Looks like your idea was a big flop, Barbie.

Summer: Bummer! Guess we missed our chance to play in the rain!

--The rain starts again, everyone cheers, but the source of the rain is actually Ken holding a hose up--

Raquelle: Just so you know, you all look totally ridicu-AAAHHH!

--Raquelle gets sprayed by hose--

Ken: Whoops! Sorry, Raquelle!

Raquelle: I'm melting! I'm melting!

--The girls run happily around Raquelle--

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