Casa de Teresa
Official Description This Spanish-inspired home matches the laid-back personality of Teresa to a T. Visitors become more Zen just walking in the door.
Type House
Known Rooms Confessional Couch
Inhabitants Teresa
Next to The Barbie Dreamhouse, The Ryan Mansion
Image Gallery
The Casa de Teresa is the name of the house that Teresa currently lives in. It's in between The Barbie Dreamhouse and The Ryan Mansion. It is a Spanish style house. "Casa de" is Spanish for "House of", so in English the name of her house would be "House of Teresa".


Confessional Couch

Teresa's Couch

Teresa's confessional couch is a chaise lounge identical to Barbie's and Raquelle's. It is in front of an orange wall with a flower design. To the right is a bookshelf, with baskets and other odds and ends. It is unknown what's to the left.

Location Guide

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