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Business is Barking
Season 6, Episode 11
Episode 56 Overall
Upload Date September 4th, 2014
Synopsis Chelsea opens up a pet salon in Barbie's boutique and it's a huge success. Of course Raquelle wants in on the action.
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Business is Barking is the eleventh episode of season six.


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AvatarThumbBarbie AvatarThumbKenGrey AvatarThumbRaquelle AvatarThumbRyanGrey AvatarThumbTeresaGrey AvatarThumbNikkiGrey AvatarThumbMidgeGrey AvatarThumbSummerGrey AvatarThumbSkipperGrey AvatarThumbStacieGrey AvatarThumbChelsea AvatarThumbTawny AvatarThumbTaffy AvatarThumbBlissa [[File:AvatarThumbBackground Clones.png|42px|link=Grace [[File:AvatarThumbFlippy, Splashy and Jumpy.png|42px|link=BackgroundClones
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