Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Relatives Ken (cousin)
B Friends Info
Likes Spending time with his favorite cousin Ken, Kung Fu, bear whispering, diving, water skiing (usually blindfolded)
Dislikes Not much of an outdoor person, sherbet
Stats 1 bottle of sparkling mineral water opened

127 points of articulation

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Ben is Ken's cousin. He has a distinct Irish accent.


Ken has always been jealous of Ben, stating, "Ben's been showing me up my entire life. His clothes and accessories are NEVER sold separately." Ken is afraid that Ben will steal Barbie away from him, and constantly feels bad when Ben shows him up.

Ben says that Ken is his favorite "cuz", which suggests that Ken and Ben are on good terms.


He has only appeared in episode 5 of season 7, "Dissin' Cousins" thus far in the series.
Season Seven
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Family Tree

Unknown  Unknown
   │        │
  Ken      Ben


  • He is a certified bear whisperer.
  • He has Kung Fu grip.
  • He is basically a clone of Ken with brown hair, different colored clothes, and an accent.

Character Guide

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