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(Opening Theme Song)

--Barbie, Summer and Midge were riding on Barbie's car to the beach--

Barbie: Ah! A day at the beach!

Summer: Woohoo! Hope you like extreme sports, Midge!

--Midge almost throws up--

Summer: Like extreme volleyball (pulls out spiked volleyball) and extreme surfing (pulls out jet-propelled surfboard)!

Midge: I think I'll stick with a little light beach reading. (Pulls out bookcase)

Barbie (on couch): Okay! They're pretty much opposites. Summer likes to throw caution to the wind, and Midge likes to embroider "caution" on decrotive pillows. But today their gonna have fun together!

--Summer goes to Barbie wearing a pair of goggles with flippers--

Summer: Hey Barbie! Ready to swim with the sharks?

Midge: You said we were gonna do macrame. You can help me finish my sun shelter!

Summer: Ready for some extreme hand gliding, Barbie?

Midge: Or, a rip-roaring crossword puzzle!

Summer: I've got a five-letter word for boring! M-I-D-

Barbie: Let's do something together! Like...tossing around this generic flying disc!

Summer: Sure, why not?

Midge: could get windy.

Summer: Windy? It's not the least bit win-

--Gust of wind blows sand cloud--

Summer: Yaaaooow! Sand in joints!

Midge: That's why, I always bring...Sand Away!

--Midge sprays Sand Away on Summer, Summer falls into a moat--

Barbie: What in the world?

Midge: I know! Killer moat, right? I dug it as a precaution, in case the tide comes in.

--Summer is playing three paddleballs while Midge is reading--

Barbie: Check it out guys! Seashells! How about we all go beach combing?

Summer: Love seashells! They make great throwing stars! (throws seashells at the bookcase)

Midge: I detest violence! But I love crafts! So I brought my glue gun.

--Midge was holds up picture frame with shells on it--

Midge: Shells make lovely decorative picture frames!

Summer: Ugh!

Barbie: Okay! Here's something we can all agree!

Summer: Oh, I only eat high-energy protein pellets! Each one's a complete meal. Mmmm! My favorite flavor! Yellow!

Barbie: But I brought a delish spread! You can either have grilled goodies, or a clam-bake!

Midge: Too exotic for me! Do you have anything a little more gentle on the taste buds?

Barbie: I've got a PB&J on whole wheat!

Midge: Whole wheat? (snorts) You know I don't eat spicy food!

Summer: Face it, Barbie. Midge is a total stick in the mud!

Midge: Would a stick in the mud have brought sudoku, level 5?

Barbie: We're wasting a perfectly good beach day! You two have to promise me you'll try to get along!

Summer: Okay! I'll try macrame! But I'm warning you I won't like it!

Midge: And I'll try the shark cage.

Summer: Just what I thought! There's no way anyone could possibly...oh! NOT LOVE THIS!

--Midge in shark cage, terrified of fish in shark disguise--

Barbie: Isn't this terif? Not only do you two like some of the same things, you're really good at them!

Summer: Good? I'm way better at macrame than she is!

Midge: We'll prove it! A macrame-off! Winner takes all!

Summer: Let's do this thing! Bring it!

Midge: Oh yeah? I've already brought it!

Barbie: Ugh!

--Barbie in the shark cage reading a magazine--

(Closing Theme)

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