Ain't Sold Separately


I Want My BTV03:19

I Want My BTV

Episodes I Want My BTV
Singers Ryan
Raquelle and Nikki (background vocals)
Length 1:16

Ain't Sold Separately is a song by Ryan featured in I Want My BTV.


Girl without you I'm nothing,
You're my touch of class, yeah
I'm your sports car baby,
And you give me... gas!

Girl without you I'm nothing,
You're my touch of class, yeah
Your hands in mine, baby,
Plastic on plastic!

Sure feels fine,
(Ooh plastic on plastic),
(Ooh it sure feels fiiiiiiiine!)
(Ryan: Cut!) (Raquelle: What?)

And baby, you won my heart,
And that means all of me,
'Cause honey this is one doll,
That ain't sold separately.

No, I ain't sold separately.


  • The guitar riff and tune are almost identical to Ryan's other song, Man Hunk.
  • The song can be heard in the background of two other episodes. Its accompanying music video can be seen for a moment in The Barbie Boutique while it is playing, and while Ryan is trying to sell his album in Sour Loser.

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