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(Opening Theme)
Outside The Barbie Dreamhouse

Nikki: Barbie's sleepover's gonna be the best!
Teresa: I've been sleeping for two days straight to get ready for it.

Nikki looks at the camera, confused

Barbie: You guys made it! I've got great—

Teresa throws a pillow at Barbie

Teresa: Pillow fight! Oops! I didn't know the power of my own pillow.
Barbie: Now, let me show the slam'n sleepover app, it's a list of everything you need for the perfect sleepover. Scary stories, cupcake decorating, a pillow fight—

A thud is heard, which is revealed to be Raquelle's luggage

Raquelle: Hello.
Barbie: Wow, Raquelle! All this for one night?
Raquelle: Don't be cray-cray! My morning stuff is in the car.

Barbie shrugs and Nikki rolls her eyes

In The Barbie Bedroom
The girls are sitting in a circle as a thunderstorm rages outside

Nikki: (dramatic voice) It was a dark and stormy night, they were all alone, just then the phone rang...

Raquelle's phone rings

Raquelle: (picks up phone) Hello? (screams)
Nikki, Barbie, and Teresa: What?
Raquelle: My hair appointment was cancelled!

Everyone screams

Outside The Barbie Dreamhouse
Green translucent spiders, chains, a battleaxe, and a skeleton mask are seen being taken out of a shopping bag. The screen pans out to reveal Ryan wearing a zombie mask

On the confessional couch

Ryan: Fact: Barbie's having a sleepover. Fact: when girls are scared they jump into the arms of the nearest boy. Fact: I am the nearest boy.

In The Barbie Bedroom
Barbie is brushing Raquelle's hair and Teresa puts lipstick on Nikki

Nikki: Mm, strawberry.
Nikki: How do we look?

Nikki and Teresa's lipstick are all around their mouths

Raquelle: (disgusted) Ooh!

Barbie wipes the excess lipstick off of Nikki and Teresa

Barbie: Who wants to try the Tootsie Tenderizer? It buffs and polishes your...

Raquelle is using the Tootsie Tenderizer on her hair, causing it to be tangled up and her to scream

Barbie: ...feet.
Nikki: At least your hair won't have any calluses!

Outside The Barbie Dreamhouse
Ken is shining a flashlight and talking on a walkie-talkie

Ken: Goldilocks, this is Papa Bear. All clear in sector 4, moving on foot to sector 5.

The screen splits, revealing Chelsea on the other walkie-talkie in The Bedroom for Chelsea

Chelsea: Proceed with caution, Papa Bear. they've been reports of angry squirrels in the area. Over!

Chelsea's side of the screen goes away

Ken: Roger that, Goldilocks.

Ken walks around until he bumps into Ryan

Ken: (screams) I mean, (screams) I mean, (clears throat) what do you think you're doing?
Ryan: Uh...
Ken: Lurking with intent to scare another guy's gal, well not on my watch! On the ground, perp!

Ken tackles Ryan to the ground and they start wrestling

Ryan: Get off of me! You're wrecking my hair!
Ken: Stop resisting! You and your over-gelled hair are going down!
Ryan: Over-gelled?

In the Dreamhouse Kitchen

Barbie: Next up: snack time. Who's up for making some cool cupcakes?
Raquelle: Making? Hmph.
Nikki: Whateves, more for us
Raquelle: Wait! I didn't say I wouldn't eat them!

Outside The Barbie Dreamhouse
Ryan and Ken are still wrestling

Ken: Now it's Ten forty-two: resisting arrest while obsessing over hair products.

The only thing I'm resisting is a big doofus with a walkie-talkie.
Ryan puts a skeleton mask on Ken

Ken: That's Officer Doofus to you, pal!

In the Dreamhouse Kitchen
Barbie pulls cupcakes out of the oven

Raquelle: I've gotta say, your party's a little low in the wow factor. (eats cupcake)

Ken and Ryan enter the kitchen still fighting. Ken accidentally turns off the lights, leaving his zombie mask glowing

Barbie, Teresa, Nikki, and Raquelle: Zombie!

Ken turns back on the lights and removes the mask right before Barbie whacks him with a frying pan

Ken: Barbie!
Barbie: Ken? You scared us to death!
Ken: I'm sorry.
Barbie: You put this party over the top! I was totally freaked out!
Ryan: That's my cue.

Ryan begins to act like a zombie. However, he hears thunder and looks out the window, seeing his own reflection and scaring himself

Ryan: (screams) Zombie!

Ryan jumps into the arms of Ken and Ken looks annoyed

Teresa: (offscreen) Pillow fight!

The girls are heard giggling as pillows are thrown at Ken and Ryan and one hits the camera, causing it to go to static
(Closing Theme)

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